Uniform Dressing

Failsafe footwear for style with trend-transcending longevity.

10 Feb 2021

Uniform Dressing - Desert Boots, Mens Loafers, Mens Sneakers, Slip-On Sneakers

Style on repeat: uniform dressing means going stoic on your signature look with classic silhouettes, subtly tweaked again and again (and probably some more) for absolute perfection.

Explore existing MULO classics alongside new desert boots and slip-on sneakers. Time-honoured silhouettes updated and upgraded.

Uniform Dressing - Mens Sneakers in Dark Blue Suede

Sneakers for the does-it-all uniform. If you are looking for the perfect middle-ground between refined style and purposeful function this shoe is for you.

Uniform Dressing - Mens Slip-On Sneakers in Navy Suede

Our freshly updated slip-on blue suede sneakers for those who find solace in the pursuit of perfect detailing. Low profile, minimalist silhouette made in Italian suede.

Uniform Style - Mens Loafers

Classic loafers: a smart-casual constant, handmade in supple suede. Comfortable and lightweight for all day everyday wear.

Uniform Dressing - Mens Desert Boots in Blue Suede

Desert boots. Our latest drop with clean lines and the simplest edge: uniform style is nothing if not permission to pare back.