MULO shoes - Detail of product


Our mission is to create elegant, beautifully crafted shoes as responsibly as we can.

Beginning with design, versatility and timelessness are the primary characteristics that we aim to imbue all our shoes with.  By designing shoes for the long term, and then making them well, we hope to front-load their longevity.



Sourcing responsibly across all components (some of our shoes have more than 20) is an area of constant review and improvement. This spring we are introducing material developments that both enhance the performance and lighten the environmental impact of our shoes. First up are our signature Espadrilles. These now sport 100% recycled high density polyurethane foam insoles which offer superior comfort and breathability and an active carbon coating to enhance odour resistance. The shoes are lined with GOTS certified organic cotton lending greater softness (important as the shoes are designed to be worn bare foot). Linen and Hemp uppers are derived from extremely low intensity crops and are natural fibres with inherent breathable and antibacterial properties, perfect for the hotter summer days. Finally, our herringbone orange pull tabs are now made from 100% recycled cotton.




We’ll be using this page for material updates as they are introduced.

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