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New waxed suede sneakers perfect for fall and winter wear.

01 Sep 2020

Waxed Suede Designer Sneakers - Mens Sneakers

Waxed Suede Sneakers

Shoes perfectly suited for Fall weather. Mens sneakers shaped on an Oxford last, satisfying simple in their detailing and crafted with waxed suede in sleek monotone colourways.

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Sneakers for Men - Premium Blue Sneakers in Waxed Suede

Because who can have too many blue sneakers?

“Not only are Mulo’s sneakers exceptionally comfortable — with a cushioned footbed and arch support — but that simple white band is also stylishly unassuming, and will slot seamlessly into the bottom of almost any outfit.” – The Gentleman’s Journal

Mens Sneakers - Waxed Suede Brown Sneakers

Suede to the touch with a light waterproof waxed coating to protect from the elements. Mens sneakers set atop rubber soles for all-weather comfort and durability. Equally stylish with sweats or suiting.