New In : Corduroy Slippers

Soft and cosy inside. Colourful and hard wearing outside.

01 Oct 2020

Corduroy Luxury Slippers - Mens Slippers

Corduroy Slippers

Bold colours, a soft, durable finish and rugged warmth make corduroy and shearling the perfect partnership for fall and winter wear. Our new range of mens slippers, made with premium quality British corduroy and lined with ultra-sumptuous but superbly breathable natural shearling, are now available.

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Blue Slippers in Corduroy - Mens Slippers

Our backless slipper style in a classic blue corduroy are perfect for padding around the house and help you stay comfortable and warm.

Brown Slippers in Corduroy - Mens Slippers

This version in rich brown are as timeless as they are versatile. Mens slippers you can partner with pajamas, dressing gowns or loungewear.

Mens Slippers - Blue Slippers in Corduroy

Our signature slippers in blue corduroy are perfect for the house or outside. Ideal for the colder months, they’ll warm your feet and have them covered no matter where you’re heading.

Camel Corduroy Slippers - Mens Slippers

If you’re on the lookout for pure comfort, but you don’t want to look like everyone else, go no further than our camel corduroy slippers. A perfect balance of traditional style with personality.