Work Life Blend Footwear

2022 Style

05 Mar 2022

Forget work life balance, it’s all about the blend and finding a way to fit together the important pieces. The Times described our footwear as “striking just the right cord for the ‘new normal’ world order”. Explore new styles and updated classics for wherever and whenever you work.

Work Life Blend Footwear - Foldable Loafers for Men

New foldable slip-ons for men. Unstructured and unlined with supple soles and collapsible heels.

Work Life Blend Footwear - Slip On Slippers for Men

Easy-style slip on slippers for men. Designed for all-day comfort and transferable style.

Work Life Blend Footwear - Corduroy House Shoes for Men

Men’s house shoes with a refined profile handcrafted in high-quality traditional fabrics including British corduroy.

Work Life Blend Footwear - Suede Loafers for Men

Suede men’s loafers. Casual slip-ons with a smart appearance. Lightweight and supremely comfortable constructed with flexible grip tread soles.

Work Life Blend Footwear - Donegal Tweed Men's Slippers

Mens slippers in dark brown Donegal tweed. A perfect balance of traditional style with personality.