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Suede | Navy | Slipper


Suede Navy



Lined with brushed cotton with a soft shearling insole, these slippers ensure you stay warm without compromising on style during the winter. 


Made on an Oxford last, each pair of MULO loafers is crafted by hand using premium materials. The footbed is lined with shearling for warmth and comfort. The textured rubber-crepe soles add traction with every step, and give a modern finish.


From the engineering of our shoes, to the sourcing and selection of materials, to where, how and with whom we make them, we care about each and every detail.

MULO shoes are entirely handmade in Portugal. We work with a family run factory who share our values and take pride in their craft. It takes 100+ steps to make our shoe, from cutting and stitching to lasting.

We use an Oxford last to inform the shape and look. The shoes are constructed for maximum flexibility whilst retaining form, to provide superior comfort.

MULO Handcrafted Slip-Ons


The slippers are lined with woven brushed cotton. The brushing process creates a soft pile on the fabric, which holds in heat. The shearling insole is all natural and will cushion your feet in softness and warmth. The hollow fibres mean the material breathes naturally.


Our shoes are weatherproofed with a Scotch Guard treatment. For any marks or stains please follow these guidelines :

Cotton, Linen and Denim : Brush off any dirt and sponge down with cold water.

Suede : Use a suede brush on dry shoes to lightly brush away dust, dirt, marks or scuffs. For tough marks and stains use a suede block.

Nubuck : Use a nubuck brush that has both wire and either nylon or rubber bristles. To fix the shininess and restore that brand-new matte look, brush the shoe with the wire bristles, and then more lightly with the nylon or rubber bristles. The wire bristles can also be used for harder stains or ground-in dirt.

Leather : Use luke-warm water and washing up liquid and clean in the direction of the leather grain with a sponge.

Braid : Brush off any dirt and sponge down with lukewarm water.